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P.E. Pence


Launch Party Details!

Come see us at the launch party for Richard Paul Evans’ “Michael Vey: The Traitor” on September 29th in Salt Lake City at Cottonwood High School  
5715 S 1300 E, Murray, UT
We will both be there signing and selling our books!

Nagual Series

When twins Patch and Yacey discover an ancient amulet their lives change forever. Join them as they travel through the cities and jungles of Central America to learn how to control the mysterious power of the Nagual.

Becoming Mother Christmas Cover

Becoming Mother Christmas

A Christmas delight with more than one happy ending. P E Pence has crafted a wonderful Christmas tale to warm your family this season.

Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Christmas Coal Cover

Christmas Coal

A mysterious visitor to the orphanage on a cold December night and a lump of coal in the form of a young boy show how we are all coal and that anyone can be transformed by service and sacrifice.

Phil and Elaine Pence

About Us

P.E.Pence, Phil & Elaine, are authors of family friendly fiction. They are Virginia natives but they moved to Nauvoo, Illinois in October of 2021. Married in 1979, they spent most of those years working hard, holding down a full time job, renovating houses, running an ice cream parlor and a community theater(not all at the same time, but often overlapping) as they raised 8 immensely talented children. They began their storytelling careers at their bedsides and affectionately refer to them as Pencelings.

Upcoming Events

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Book signing and sales at Richard Paul Evans’ “Michael Vey: The Traitor” Launch Party

  • Friday, September 29th at  Cottonwood High School, 5715 S 1300 E, Murray, UT

Becoming Mother Christmas launch party

  • Monday, October 9, 2023 from 5-9pm at Straws, 2047 Magnolia Ave. Buena Vista, Va.

Becoming Mother Christmas book signing

  • Saturday, November 18, 2023 from 2-4pm at Allyn House, 1400 Mulholland St. Nauvoo Il


Christmas Coal

"Such a great life lesson in a single piece of coal!


The kids loved it, and I hope it will stick with them each year we read it!"

The Eye of the Nagual

"P.E. Pence bolsters his novel with snippets of Mexican history as well as scraps of the Spanish language thrown in for good measure. Both enrich the story, lending a cultural appeal that allows the fictional side to take off into new heights."

The Heart of the Nagual

"Great read, creative story with plenty of action. Keeps you from putting it down. Would like to know more of the history behind the legends. Can't wait for book three."