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Eye of the Nagual

When twins Patch and Yacey discover an ancient amulet their lives change forever. Now hunted by a cabal of bloodthirsty killers they must travel through the cities and jungles of Central America to learn how to control the mysterious power of the Nagual, an ancient Meso-American shapeshifter as they seek to fulfil the ancient doomsday prophecies kicked off in the year 2012.

Heart of the Nagual

Twins Patch and Yacey McCorkle leave home, continue their training, and prepare to meet their eternal opposite, known only as The Smoking Mirror. Meso-American lore and culture come together in this fast-paced and suspenseful tale of their struggle to learn of and fulfill their destiny while staying one step ahead of the dark ones who want the twin’s powers for their own.

Becoming Mother Christmas

Marley, the newest employee at the grand opening 100th Mother Christmas store is privy to things other people don’t see. She too is confused, until a journal in the store office beckons her.

Marley takes the journal and in its pages she discovers Alexandra Christmas’ darkest secrets and an unusual and magical pathway to her eternal role as an immortal.  

Christmas Coal

A mysterious visitor to the orphanage on a cold December night and a lump of coal in the form of a young boy show how we are all coal and that anyone can be transformed by service and sacrifice.

Day of the Leprechaun

Henry knew he was the cause of the fire that took his best friends life, but in the ashes, he found a miracle. Henry’s little boy faith, had believed that the sacrifice made by his friend had provided a miracle, but now, his educated adult self, could no longer believe, until his day in court, when everyone saw things they couldn’t believe!

Frostbite and Little Spark

The elves have lost something important. Will they find it in the trash, or will they find an even bigger problem!